testing the waters

jumping back into blogging after a two year hiatus!  new blog, with a renewed focus on creating, and how my process is informed by fashion, art, and whatever inspires me.  oh and i’ve got two kids, so maybe some random stuff about motherhood and work, because that’s what i spend most of my time doing.

my first post is one of the sewing projects i recently finished, anna maria horner’s evening empire dress.  i’ve been dreaming about this dress since i first saw it on her blog, and for the past year, i’ve eyed my fabric stash thinking about how i would put it all together.  about 3 months ago, i started cutting and piecing everything together, and here it is!

i used some amy butler and joel dewberry fabrics and i also added pockets. it’s a comfortable dress, but a bit stiff, due to the quilting cotton. one of these days, i’d like to try using a jersey knit, in shades of blue and gray, an idea i got from Carey over at corks and caftans.

my 3.5 year old is a very willing photographer, it’s so interesting to see how he sees things.

i’ve got a backlog of projects to share, both knitting and sewing, so i’ll be posting them as i get pictures. the pace of crafting has slowed with children, but i try to set aside a few hours every night to work on my projects.


About needleandstring

mom of two, love creating and finding the intersection between fashion and craft
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