Halloween Costume Part Deux

Here is the finished product!  R got lots of looks, oohs, aahs, and even a “That’s f’in cool!”

Thor’s hammer is a 1″ wooden dowl, I rammed through a foam block.  I then sewed a cover from grey felt, with a layer of quilt batting, and some polyester stuffing in there.  It’s actually pretty hefty, could do some damage 🙂

I’ve got the costume in my work area to rework the armor and the cape.  The armor kept riding up, and the cape was a wee bit too long.  The boy was a bit cranky at first, but he really got into it when he started noticing the positive reactions to his costume.  I think at the end of it, he thought his ol’ mom did something special for him!


About needleandstring

mom of two, love creating and finding the intersection between fashion and craft
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