Demi Handknit Sweater

I was so inspired by this image on the Sartorialist, that I dug some Rowan Scottish Tweed DK that’s been sitting in my stash for years, and cast on this sweater. It’s the Demi from Vintage Knits.

It’s already become my new favorite sweater, it’s light and warm, and goes with everything in my closet.

I like knitting sweaters in pieces, it seems more manageable to me, and this project kept me really interested, all the way through. I always knit the sleeves of a sweater first, I use the sleeves as a gauge swatch.

I got the buttons and yarn from my most favorite yarn store, Handheld Knitting.


About needleandstring

mom of two, love creating and finding the intersection between fashion and craft
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6 Responses to Demi Handknit Sweater

  1. Kristen says:

    that looks so cozy! cute : )

  2. Cute sweater! It looks great 🙂

  3. Marian says:

    well done honey! Now I wish you could knit me one! wishing I could knit even more than ever.
    Great length

  4. dallas says:

    I also just saw a model wearing this sweater with pink shorts. It was surprisingly pretty

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